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Animal Lab

One day, the animals at a research lab wake up with the abilities of rational thought and communication. And the humans are gone. They realize they must organize into a society with rules, rights, and responsibilities. They heard about a farm in England where the animals created a socialist society that eventually failed. They are determined to succeed, so they create a democratic republic. But can they keep it?

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Swiss Creek Publications is a small publisher based in Las Vegas, Nevada with a growing line of interesting and eclectic titles. Founded by author and entrepreneur Bob Zeidman, Swiss Creek Publications was originally created to promote Bob’s novels and engineering books. Given its success at printing, marketing, and distributing Bob’s books, the company is now expanding to handle other authors, particularly first-time authors and self-published authors of high quality works who have difficulty maneuvering the labyrinth that is modern day publishing.

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Just as Orwell's Animal Farm was a warning about the dire consequences of communism, Bob Zeidman's Animal Lab is a warning about similar consequences of today's woke liberalism and socialism, which is leading to the death of America

Wayne Allyn Root